Krist Novoselic on What Kurt Cobain Would Think of Modern Music


Story by Cat Badra

Do you think Kurt Cobain would be a fan of today’s music? Probably not

Kurt Cobain always spoke his mind. Sometimes his opinions weren’t exactly popular, but that’s part of what made Cobain such an original. If the Nirvana singer were still alive, bass player Krist Novoselic says he thinks Cobain would have some interesting – and perhaps unflattering – things to say about modern “rock bands.” Are you surprised? I’m not.

Novoselic tells Rolling Stone that Cobain was a “cynical” dude.

“He could be a vicious critic,” Novoselic told the publication. “You know, I love him, but boy, I don’t know what he’d think of a lot of music today. He wouldn’t hold his punches. Kurt just had so much passion, the way he’d sing and feel about the music. We all had this intensity.”

Novoselic went on to talk about how much he misses Cobain, saying, “I wish Kurt was still around. A whole new generation of listeners are discovering Nirvana and is connecting with Nirvana. It’s always good that we remember Kurt. He lives on.”

Nirvana’s sophomore breakout album “Nevermind” turned 25 in September.

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