Stone Sour Detail ‘Come What(ever) May’ 10th Anniversary Release


Story by Anne Erickson

Hear a new, acoustic version of Stone Sour’s song, ‘Zzyzx Rd’

Stone Sour’s 2006 sophomore album “Come What(ever) May” was a landmark set for the band. It featured the popular ballad “Through Glass,” which made its way into the mainstream. Now, Stone Sour are celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Come What(ever) May” by releasing a vinyl, two-LP edition of the album on Dec. 16.

The 10th anniversary edition of “Come What(ever) May” will include the original album as well as a handful of previously unreleased live and acoustic recordings. A new, unplugged version of the song “Zzyzx Rd.” is currently streaming on Check out the full track listing for the “Come What(ever) May” 10th anniversary vinyl edition below.

Stone Sour has always been a favorite for me, because its shows off frontman Corey Taylor’s softer side. Taylor, of course, also fronts Slipknot, so seeing him go from scream-y metal to melodic rock shows his breadth.

Stone Sour ‘Come What(ever) May’ 10th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Track Listing:

“Come What(ever) May”
“Hell & Consequences”
“Made of Scars”
“Your God”
“Through Glass”
“1st Person”
“Zzyzx Rd.”
“Though Glass” (Live Acoustic) *
“Wicked Game” (Live Acoustic)
“Wild Horses” (Live Acoustic) *
“Cardiff” (Acoustic) *
“Zzyxx Rd.” (Acoustic) *
“Freeze Dry Seal”
“The Day I Let Go”
“The Frozen”
*designates previously unreleased track.

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