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Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge.

Mark Tremonti chats with Anne Erickson about all things Alter Bridge and Tremonti

Alter Bridge launched back on the rock scene last year with a new album, “The Last Hero,” and live shows to support the new tunes. With “The Last Hero,” Alter Bridge maintained their classic anthemic rock sound, while also evolving to a more epic, heavy delivery. Now, the band is on its 2017 The Last Hero Tour, which will keep the guys on the road through a Feb. 22 stop in Seattle, with the new tunes on display.

Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti spoke with Anne Erickson about what it’s like getting back with the guys of Alter Bridge after being away and how playing lead guitar in Alter Bridge differs from his experience performing with his solo band, Tremonti.

How does it felt getting back out on the road with Alter Bridge after some time off?

It’s been great. It’s totally different feel than when I get to do the solo thing, when I’m singing in Tremonti. As a performer, it’s a totally different vibe, so it’s great to be doing both. All the old songs we’ve been playing for years, those come right back. It’s tacking the news songs that’s always tough, but that’s what we do!

What was your guitar philosophy on the latest Alter Bridge album, “The Last Hero?”

I always try to bring something new and different than I’ve done in the past as much as I can. I try to be as emotive as possible and as dynamic as possible.

Do you have a favorite song off “The Last Hero” to perform live?

“Show Me a Leader” has gotten the best response from the crowd, which makes it fun to perform. The higher energy songs are always the best to play.

What’s the difference you feel between fronting your solo band, Tremonti, and rocking lead guitar in Alter Bridge?

In Alter Bridge, I’m still an entertainer of sorts, but I’m not the guy who talks between the songs and keeps the crowd as connected as the frontman does. So, it’s different. Singing is very fun, so I still get to sing with Alter Bridge, but I also get to focus more on just playing guitar.

Do you prefer singing in Tremonti or playing guitar in Alter Bridge? That might be too difficult to answer!

They both definitely have their things that get me excited about them. Alter Bridge is a much bigger band now. It’s got a crazy, die-hard following, and more people are coming out to the shows. Tremonti is newer. I like being the underdog, as well, with Tremonti, so it’s a fun new challenge.

How would you describe the musical interplay between you and Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy?

We’re buds. We’re very open-minded, and we each contribute to each and every song. It’s never one of us who writes whole songs and gives it to the other guy. We’ve contributed on every song on the record, so we both feel very connected with each song.

What’s the status of new music with Tremonti?

We’re writing the next Tremonti album now, tinkering around with new ideas.

What’s new with your company, Fret12?

Fret12 is always working on new artists and getting as much content as possible. It’s an ever-changing thing. We started as a company that sold instructional DVDs, but now, that’s not something they focus on, so it’s constantly evolving.

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