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Story by Anne Erickson

All That Remains’ Jason Costa discusses the band’s new album and more in this extensive interview

Massachusetts metal band All That Remains is known for its dynamic catalog of music, ranging from cutting metalcore to melodic hard rock tunes. At this point, Phil Labonte and company have a legacy of diverse songs that have won their ways into rock fans’ hearts: “What If I Was Nothing,” “This Calling” and “Two Weeks” and “Forever in Your Hands,” to name a few.

On the band’s upcoming album, “Madness,” that variety is certainly intact. “Madness” rips with everything from fist-pumping, sing-along anthems in the album’s title track to heartfelt, soft numbers like “Far from Home” to pummeling, sing-scream tracks such as “Safe House.”

Ahead of the release, All That Remains drummer Jason Costa checked in with Anne to discuss the new tunes, the band’s new Garth Brooks cover and why he enjoys seeing the metal genre grow and evolve.

“Madness” arrives on April 28 via Razor & Tie. For more on All That Remains, visit the band’s website at

Anne Erickson: Congratulations on the new album, “Madness.” I like the dynamics on the album—you show different sides of All That Remains, from heavy metal tunes, like “Safe House,” to more melodic songs, such as “If I’m Honest.” Listening back to the album, what makes you most proud?

Jason Costa: I’m actually most proud of how diverse the album is. I love that it’s diverse. It’s fun and challenging to play all those types of songs live. You know, to go from a song that’s 216 BPM with screaming double bass to a song that’s 144 BPM that’s a ballad– I like that. It keeps it challenging and keeps everything interesting to play.

What do you hope people take away from “Madness?”

I just want them to enjoy the album—that’s it, really. There’s no crazy message to it or anything. I just hope people enjoy the music.

What inspired you guys to do a Garth Brooks cover in “The Thunder Rolls” on the album?

Phil just came out of the blue with it one day and sent a text to everyone that said, “Hey, guys, learn this song. We might be doing this cover.” He wasn’t necessarily telling us to learn it, but more kind of a feeler to see if we were going to complain about it! (Laughs) But, I think it’s kind of fun and also a challenge to take songs like that and make them your own and see what kind of spin you can put on them. There wasn’t really anything that made us do it—I think it’s just a good song.

Are you excited to play the new songs on the road?

Yeah! You know, I love playing our old songs– we’ve played them a million times. I mean, if I had a dime for every time I’ve played “This Calling” or “Two Weeks” live! (Laughs) Sometimes it’s, like, okay, here’s this song again, you know? But I’m always very excited to play the new stuff live. I love the energy playing live. I love the crowd, I love playing in front of people, and if they’re enjoying themselves and the energy’s great– that’s what I love.

I’m based in Michigan, and you have a strong fan base here. Do you feel that love when you play shows in Michigan?

Absolutely! And especially at The Machine Shop. We love The Machine Shop.

What are your thoughts on metal music in 2017?

I try to keep up with whatever’s new, and I like it. I like the changes that music goes through throughout the years. That doesn’t mean I don’t like old things. But, I like how people are always trying, always innovating. Everything’s always going to sound a little different as time goes on, you know. No one wants to do the same thing that the people who came before them did. So, it’s interesting to see how it grows. For example, you notice the integration of a lot of electronic sounds now, and that’s pretty cool.

What’s up ahead for All That Remains in 2017?

Touring! Touring and playing live shows, thank God. We took a little bit of a break to write the album and take some time off. Now, it’s time to get out there and play, and I can’t wait.

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