Stone Sour Release Powerful ‘Mercy’ Live Video


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Stone Sour beg for ‘Mercy’ in new ‘Hydrograd’ track

Who’s ready for another new Stone Sour track? Good, because the Corey Taylor-fronted rock band has posted another new track from their upcoming album, “Hydrograd,” and the emotive tune has the guys singing about “Mercy.”

“Mercy” – like Stone Sour’s previous single off the new album, “Song #3” – shows the band’s melodic side.

“My best is pointless, outrun but I’ll never win / This state of conflict… makes sense, don’t think about it / I ran away when I was 15; I was dead by 17 / I know the world owes me everything…” Taylor sings in the opening verse.

Listen to Taylor and the gang rock the song live from Sphere Studios in Los Angeles on YouTube. Also watch the video below.

“Hydrograd” is set to arrive on June 30. It marks Stone Sour’s first album in roughly four years. Taylor, of course, also keeps busy with his other band, Slipknot, but is focused on Stone Sour this year.

In other news, Stone Sour will set off on a North American tour with Korn to promote “Hydrograd” starting tonight (June 16) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photo credit: Travis Shinn

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