Shinedown Plan April 2018 Release for New Album


Story by Charles Ken

Shinedown hope to finish recording their new album this year

Shinedown are on the road for a handful of U.S. festival shows this month, and when those dates wrap up, the guys have new music on their minds. Speaking with 97.7 WQLZ in Springfield, singer Brent Smith and bass player Eric Bass explained that the band is shooting to wrap up work on their new album by the end of this year.

The guys plan to release the new album in April of 2018, and the debut single from the set should arrive in January.

When asked about the progress of the songwriting and recording for the upcoming Shinedown release, Smith said the guys have been working on it all year. “We started the sixth Shinedown record the middle of January,” he said in the interview. “We entered the process of writing in the studio.”

Smith added, “For us right now, we’re gonna finish this run that we’re doing. And then we’re actually going back to the studio, and then we’ve got a couple of shows to take care of in August — we finish up on August 9 — and then we’re in Los Angeles recording for pretty much the rest of August. And then we’ve got three more shows to take care in September and then enter the studio again. Right now, we’re working in Charleston, South Carolina.”

Bass added that the upcoming record is the first time the band has “ever tried to write, tour and record all simultaneously. Right now we’ve written seventeen songs altogether, of which we feel really strongly about a handful of them that we feel certain that we like that will be either on the record or really close to it…”

Shinedown’s latest studio album, “Threat to Survival,” arrived in 2015. It brought the hit singles “State of My Head” and “How Did You Love?”

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