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Story by Anne Erickson

‘Ritual’ feeds both longtime and newer In This Moment fans

In This Moment has a new album out, “Ritual,” that dropped late last month, and the set brims with melodic metal, hard-charging riffing and singer Maria Brink’s dynamic vocals.

One song that’s getting plenty of attention on “Ritual” is the metal band’s cover of a classic rock tune: Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” It’s the only cover song that appears on “Rituals,” with the rest of the album filled with melodic metal and hard-charging riffing.

Brink and the crew pay tribute to the original Collins song but also put their own spin on it. The song starts soft and slow and grows into an explosive, fiery ballad, also paying justice to the song’s famous drum solo. The song and lyric video are streaming now via YouTube.

As for the rest of “Ritual,” the album feeds longtime In This Moment fans – the kind that started listening to the band from 2007’s “Beautiful Tragedy” – and newer ones. While In This Moment has evolved a great deal since their early metalcore days, they’ve remained consistent in their theatrical live shows. Those dramatics come across well with the songs on “Rituals.”

“Ritual” also features a collaboration between In This Moment and Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. That song, “Black Wedding,” features twists of dubstep and R&B, making for a truly unique collaboration.

With its mesh of genres and big hooks, “Ritual” is an album that begs to be played live. In This Moment is currently touring the U.S., playing the tunes off “Ritual” live. The band is currently scheduled to stay on the road through this fall.

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