Audioslave Has Great Material in the Vault, Says Tom Morello


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Never-before-released Audioslave music may be on the way

Earlier this year, rock super group Audioslave reunited to perform their first show together in over 10 years.

Longtimes fans of the band were hoping this would mean more Audioslave shows down the road, and perhaps even new music, but that all ended with frontman Chris Cornell’s death in May of this year.

Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello says that while Audioslave obviously won’t be recording any new music, the group has some unreleased material that he hopes will eventually be released.

“There’s great Audioslave material in the vault,” Morello told MusicRadar.

“It’s so sad: we had talked about playing more Audioslave shows and releasing that material and doing something together in the not-too-distant future,” he added.

Morello also discusses how much talent Cornell had for playing guitar, even though he was known mainly as a vocalist.

“He had a very wonderful and unorthodox songwriting talent — it was sort of part-Beatles, part-Black Sabbath,” Morello said. “He had this internal non-4/4 time signature clock in him that was really interesting, and it’s in some of those Audioslave songs where he would contribute chord progressions.”

“One of the most difficult parts of any Audioslave song for me to play was the bridge of ‘Like a Stone,’ which was Chris’ chords,” Morello added. “Because it was just so counter-intuitive to me; he just had very unique chordal inclinations that made for beautiful music, then he would weave his gorgeous melodies on top of them.”

Morello and the rest of Audioslave – Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk – honored Cornell during their shows with Prophets of Rage this summer by performing “Like a Stone” with a spotlight on a solo microphone.

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