Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins Tell the Story of Meeting Prince Harry


Story by Cat Badra

Prince Harry has met both Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins

Since Foo Fighters are pretty much rock royalty, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the guys have met some real royalty a few times. Case in point, both frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins have met England’s Prince Harry. The stories behind both encounters are both fun in their own ways.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Grohl explained that Prince Harry was one of the first people to come see him following his surgery to mend his broken leg in 2015. The Prince went the extra mile and brought gifts, to boot.

“He brought me this little pillow to my iPad on while I was in recovery,” Grohl said. “He is the sweetest. I owe you a text, Harry.”

Hawkins has also met Harry, but the situation was a lot different. The Prince was backstage with Foo Fighters right before they were set to hit the stage, and Hawkins was explaining that he had some pretty bad jet lag.

“We were getting ready to walk on stage, and I was tired and so jet-lagged,” Hawkins recalled. As the story goes, Harry slapped Hawkins to wake him up.

“I was like ‘what was that?'” Hawkins said. “It was great, it was funny…I wore that slap with pride,” he added.

Foo Fighters’ latest album, “Concrete and Gold,” arrived earlier this month.

Photo credit: Brantley Gutierrez 

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