Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and Tom Petty Among Google’s Most-Searched of 2017

Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

When it comes to Google’s year-end wrap-up, Chester Bennington and Tom Petty were among the top 10 global searches of 2017. That should be no surprise, as both beloved musicians passed away suddenly this year, leaving fans shocked and with plenty of reason to Google their beloved superstars. Petty was the No. 7 most-searched subject of the year, and Bennington was No. 9. As expected, the searches peaked around the times both artists passed away. For Petty, it was Oct. 2, and for Bennington, it was July 20.

Petty and Bennington are also both among the list of most-searched losses of 2017, as is Chris Cornell. The number of people searching for the late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman spiked around his May 18 death, and that number also went up around the time of Bennington’s death, since the Linkin Park singer passed away on what would have marked Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Linkin Park also appears on Google’s list, clocking in at No. 2 on Google’s most-searched musicians and bands tally.

Google’s Top 10 Global Searches of 2017:

1. Hurricane Irma
2. iPhone 8
3. iPhone X
4. Matt Lauer
5. Meghan Markle
6. 13 Reasons Why
7. Tom Petty
8. Fidget Spinner
9. Chester Bennington
10. India National Cricket Team

Publication date: December 22, 2017

Charles Ken
Posted by Charles Ken | Music, Rock, Rock News

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