Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park Posts Footage Working on a New Song Days After Chester Bennington’s Death

Story and photo by Charles Ken

Linkin Park rapper and multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda has revealed a video of himself working on a new song called “Looking for an Answer,” which he penned just a few days after Chester Bennington’s tragic death. Shinoda first premiered the song during Linkin Park’s special memorial concert for Bennington, which took place in October.

Shinoda posted the clip via Instagram Live, and the footage was captured and later posted to YouTube. The footage depicts Shinoda playing around with the song on his computer, and the song softly plays through the speakers. When Shinoda performed the song at the memorial concert, it was in the form of a soft piano ballad, but this version sounds more plugged-in and amped up.

“The song is at step one. Who knows how many steps come next,” Shinoda said on Twitter of the track. “But I promised to share the progress, so I’m sharing it!”

“Be kind to one another,” Shinoda said in another Tweet. “Be kind to yourself. Show appreciation. Listen first. Cut out the nonsense. Eat something sweet. Have a happy holiday, my friends. #MakeChesterProud.”

In other news, last week, Linkin Park unleashed a new live album, “One More Light,” which was recorded on what would become Bennington’s final tour with the group in Europe before he passed away on July 20.

Publication date: December 29, 2017

Charles Ken
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