Pop Evil Addresses Social Injustice, #MeToo Movement in ‘Colors Bleed’

Story by Cat Badra, photo by Clay Patrick McBride

Michigan rockers Pop Evil have unveiled their latest song and music video “Colors Bleed,” off the group’s upcoming self-titled album. The song has a high-octane, Rage Against the Machine vibe, and like Rage, it takes a hard look at social issues in the song’s lyrics and music video. Speaking with Billboard, Leigh Kakaty explains that the band wrote the song after seeing everything that happened with the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one person was killed and multiple were injured.

“I think it was just kind of me venting, in my own way, to get people be aware that, look, there’s obviously racial issues that are going on from all aspects, all different colors, minority background, throughout this country, but it’s this melting pot of culture that has made America great, that’s made us who we are,” Kakaty said in a statement.

The music video for the song also focuses on the #MeToo movement surrounding sexual misconduct. “The #MeToo movement has been a paramount inspiration to my creative endeavors,” video director Columbia Tatone said. “The courage of individuals has inspired and empowered me, not only as a female director but as a truth-seeker. ‘Colors Bleed’ highlights togetherness: standing together against global issues.”

“#MeToo has put the spotlight on equality, and through this video, we were able to portray the many ways we’re pitted against each other and how we can’t fight fire with more fire,” Tatone added. “As men and women, we have come alongside one another and stand together peacefully.”

Pop Evil’s self-titled, fifth studio album will arrive on Feb. 16.

Publication date: January 29, 2018



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