Hatebreed Guitarist Wayne Lozinak on the Future of Heavy Music – Interview


Story by Anne Erickson

Wayne Lozinak of Hatebreed and Anne Erickson chat about the future of metal and hardcore music and more in this in-depth interview

Two decades have passed since Hatebreed released “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire,” and 15 years have gone by since “Perseverance” dropped. Both albums have a special place in the hearts of Hatebreed fans, the the guys have been touring hard in celebation of the anniversaries. On tour, they’re playing a mainly songs from both albums, plus some other Hatebreed favorites.

So, what does it feel like to play these songs to the loyal Hatebreed fan base? Wayne Lozinak spoke with Anne Erickson from Audio Ink about the album anniversaries, new music on the way, his random meeting with Paige from WWE and the future of heavy music. Listen to the interview on iTunes, and read the interview below.

Anne Erickson: Hatebreed has been touring to celebrate 20 years of “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire” and 15 years of “Perseverance.” Is it hard to believe Hatebreed has been around so long?

Wayne Lozinak: Yeah, it’s surprising, and the fact we’re finding people who still really want to hear our tunes, that’s always a good thing. We’re still playing, and we’ve been playing the whole album from “Satisfaction” for the last couple of tours, and a lot of “Perseverance,” so it takes a lot of time, and people are loving it, so it’s going very well.

What it is like going out there, playing these shows for fans who were there from the start?

It’s pretty incredible. It’s good, because there are actually a lot of young people there, so there are definitely a lot of people who didn’t get to see us back in the day 20 years ago. Some people are not even 20 years old that are coming to the shows, so it’s good that there are still new fans coming to see us and getting into it.

Do you have a favorite memory with Hatebreed so far?

There are so many. I was in Hatebreed when it started and then left for a long time, my first show of the first tour was in Europe, and it was Download Fest, and it was to 80,000 people, so that’s a pretty big first show. Seeing that many people going crazy to your songs is pretty memorable.

What’s the status of new music for Hatebreed and writing the follow-up to “The Concrete Confessional?”

Since we’ve been touring so much and celebrating the anniversaries of these older two albums, we haven’t had much time for that, but I think we might be going back into the studio probably next year. But, “Concrete Confessional” is still doing really well, and we’ve actually our most listened to song of the whole catalog is “Looking Down the Barrel of Today,” so it’s good that people are still interested in the new music and we’re not a nostalgia band where they just want to hear the old stuff.

This is random, but I saw on Instagram a photo of you hanging out with Paige from WWE. That was really cool!

Ah, yes! (Laughs.) Actually, I believe she is dating the bass player for Attila, so we had a show in Florida, and the guy from Attila came out and said, “Let’s go meet after the show at the bar,” and I saw Paige sitting there and was like, “Oh, hey, how’s it going?” She was really cool.

What do you think is the future for heavy music?

Well, it seems one good thing I’ve noticed is a lot more festivals coming out in the U.S. kind of like Europe. You didn’t see so many multi-band festivals, but we’re doing Carolina Rebellion and Fort Rock, and they seems to be getting a lot of people, so hopefully it will continue. Even though a lot of people are into electronic music with the laptops and everything, I think people still want to hear real musicians play real instruments, so as long as that keeps going, I think we’ll be okay.



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