Tremonti Announces ‘A Dying Machine’ Album Details


Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge will release his new album with Tremonti in June

New music from Tremonti, the band fronted by Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, is on the way. The band has announced that its fourth full-length studio album, “A Dying Machine,” will be released on June 8 via Napalm Records. The group also features Eric Friedman on guitars and Garrett Whitlock on drums. View the album’s full track list below.

The upcoming album, which was produced by the band’s longtime colleague Michael “Elvis” Baskette, is a concept album of sorts. The idea stems from a story dating back to Alter Bridge’s latest tour.

“A Dying Machine is the first concept album of Tremonti’s career and the music is inspired by a story that came to Mark while on the last Alter Bridge tour,” a press statement explains. “During that time, the epic title track ‘A Dying Machine’ was born.”

The story behind the concept is being written into a fiction novel by Mark Tremonti and John Shirley. It “takes place at the turn of the next century where humans and fabricated beings called ‘vessels’ are trying to co-exist,” a statement explains. Tremonti and Shirley are expected to wrap up work on the novel in time to release it with the album in June.  working on finishing the novel to release alongside the record.

Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy also just released a new album this year. His solo set, “Year of the Tiger,” arrived on March 9 on Napalm Records. Kennedy will hit the road on a solo run beginning May 2 in Spokane, Washington. Tremonti is also expected to tour to promote the band’s new release sometime this year.

Tremonti’s ‘A Dying Machine’ Track List:

Bringer Of War
From The Sky
A Dying Machine
Throw Them To The Lions
Make It Hurt
The First The Last
A Lot Like Sin
The Day When Legions Burned
As The Silence Becomes Me
Take You With Me



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