Ace Frehley ‘Spaceman’ Review – New Album Fires on All Cylinders


Review by Anne Erickson

Review: Ace Frehley shows off his guitar chops on “Spaceman.” Anne Erickson reviews Frehley’s new solo album

Ace Frehley is back with his latest solo album, “Spaceman,” out Friday (Oct. 19), and this release features the kind of solid songwriting and killer guitar work that has made Frehley one of the most acclaimed six-stringers in rock ‘n’ roll. Frehley actually performs all of the guitar parts on “Spaceman,” as well as bass guitar on all but two songs, which makes this solo release one of the most representative of his style and personality.

Opening track “Without You I’m Nothing” starts the album off with a raw, punchy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, severing up a howling bass tone — compliments of Kiss’ Gene Simmons, who also co-wrote the song — and snarky rhythms. It’s a groovy, fun tune that aptly sets the listener up for what’s to come.

“Rockin’ with the Boys” is a rollicking rock anthem with a catchy chorus that insists, “No need to worry, I’ll be home soon / ‘Cause I’m rockin’ with the boys / Don’t be sad, I’m workin’ tonight / I’m rockin’ with the boys.”

The next tune, “Your Wish Is My Command,” is the other track on “Spaceman” to feature bass guitar work from Simmons. The track starts out with Queen-esque harmony vocals before launching into a riff-y, feel-good rock jam.

As the album progresses, it continues an upbeat, energetic vibe with “Pursuit of Rock and Roll,” “Bronx Boy,” “Off My Back” and “Mission to Mars.” Ace even covers Eddie Money’s “I Wanna Go Back” on the set, giving the song a mighty, power-pop edge. Ace, of course, is also known for his instrumental tracks, and “Quantum Flux” is a majestic-sounding instrumental that closes out the album.

From stick-in-your-head melodies to classic rock riffs, Frehley fires on all cylinders with “Spaceman.” It’s obvious that Frehley, who has been sober for more than a decade now, is in top form and ready to champion the rock ‘n’ roll art form for years to come.

Ink Rating: 4/5

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