Disturbed New Album Review – ‘Evolution’ Musically Soars


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Travis Shinn

Review: Disturbed is back with a fiery new album, “Evolution.” Anne Erickson breaks down the much-anticipated set

Disturbed is one of those rare bands that can deliver brutally heavy, fist-pumping hard rock, but also shine on the most sensitive of ballads. The Chicago band’s new album, “Evolution,” out Friday (Oct. 19), is a perfect snapshot of that Disturbed dynamic, as it jumps from chugging, riff-fueled tracks to beautiful, bare-bones numbers.

“Evolution” kicks off with the album’s fiery first single, “Are You Ready,” which actually marks the band’s 12th No. 1 rock single. Lead vocalist David Draiman powerfully sings the commanding lyrics, “Well, are you ready now? / For the revolution / For too long your power / Has been taken away / It’s been taken away,” and guitarist Dan Donegan, bass player John Moyer and drummer Mike Wengren carry the song with a cohesive musical attack. It’s a rhythmic hard rock song that definitely appeals to fans of Disturbed’s crunchy, heavy hits, such as ”Down with the Sickness” and “Stupify.”

“No More,” the following track, has an irresistibly bouncy, catchy beat that makes it almost a dance-rock track. “A Reason to Fight” comes next, and here, Disturbed delivers a touching, sensitive acoustic ballad about watching a loved one suffer with addiction.

A clear stand-out on “Evolution” is “In Another Time,” with starts with soft, swelling instrumentals and explodes into an angsty rock anthem with a soaring chorus. It’s a memorable tune that could earn the guys yet another No. 1 rock single, if they choose to make it a radio single.

With a great mix of musical diversity, “Evolution” continues with hard rockers (“Stronger on Your Own,” “Best Ones Lie,” “and more intimate, stripped-down, vulnerable pieces (“Already Gone,” “Watch You Burn). “Hold on to Memories” even has a folk feel, with Draiman’s sparse vocals interplaying with acoustic guitar. The album also includes a riveting live version of Disturbed’s cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” with Myles Kennedy of Slash and Alter Bridge on vocals.

“Evolution” isn’t just Disturbed’s latest album— it’s an opus that delivers in every musical spectrum. “Evolution” is a snapshot of Disturbed’s successful career, from the heavy tracks to the ballads, and should get fans excited for the band’s next chapter.

Ink Rating: 5/5



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