Pre-Pearl Jam Band Green River Reissuing Two Releases


Story by Cat Badra

“Rehab Doll” and “Dry as a Bone” from pre-Pearl Jam band Green River will get reissued on Jan. 25

Grunge fans are getting their music fix, as two releases by early grunge band Green River, which featured members of soon-to-be famed rock bands Pearl Jam and Mudhoney, are being reissued.

Longtime Seattle record label Sub Pop will unleash deluxe editions of Green River’s 1987 EP “Dry as a Bone” and 1988 album “Rehab Doll” on Jan. 25.

Green River broke up by the time “Rehab Doll” was released in 1998. It was the band’s only full-length album. Band members Mark Arm and Steve Turner went on to be Mudhoney, and Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard became a part of Mother Love Bone, followed by Temple of the Dog and then, at long last, Pearl Jam.

Over the years, the members of Green River have reunited for a handful of gigs, the most recently being in 2009. Arm and Turner performed with Pearl Jam last August during a concert in Seattle.

In other news, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready has posted a new solo song titled “Show Your Colors.” The blues-infused song, which features Molly Sides and Whitney Petty of the Seattle band Thunderpussy, is streaming now via Rolling Stone. He recorded “Show Your Colors” for the movie “Sadie,” a drama about a girl growing up while her soldier father is at war.

“For ‘Show Your Colors,’ I wanted Molly Sides (and) Whitney Petty from Thunderpussy to play (and) write what they felt,” McCready told Rolling Stone. “It is important to me to collaborate with great artists, and they pushed me to create and really feel the film on a deeper level.”

The “Sadie” soundtrack will arrive on Nov. 16.

Cat Badra
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