Blink-182’s Travis Barker, Pearl Jam Release Holiday Videos


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

A few rockers, including Travis Barker and the guys of Pearl Jam, are getting into the holiday spirit with special Christmas videos

It’s Christmas, and a few familiar rockers are getting in on the holiday fun by releasing special Christmas songs and videos.

Travis Barker of Blink-182 joined forces with Ralph Nader of the drum collective BYOS to perform a unique rendition of the Christmas classic, “Little Drummer Boy.” The performance is streaming now on YouTube and can be viewed below.

Barker is also toiling away on the upcoming Blink-182 album, which will mark the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “California.” The group recently posted an update about the album, stating, “In the studio for 14 hours and drank so much coffee we may never sleep again…#NewAlbum.”

Just for the holidays, grunge rockers Pearl Jam have unleashed a “yule log” video, offering up 53 minutes of a log burning in a fireplace while Pearl Jam songs play in the background. The “yule log” playlist also features Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam’s covers of some Christmas classics, including their instrumental version of “Jingle Bells” and a few other random tunes, like the 1991 “Acoustic #1” demo. View the “yule log” video below.

In other Pearl Jam news, the band released a new single called “Can’t Deny Me” earlier this year. The guys are expected to release a new album at some point, but no word on whether it will arrive in 2019. The upcoming album will mark Pearl Jam’s follow-up to 2013’s “Lightning Bolt.”

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