Pearl Jam Ending Single Series


Story by Charles Ken, photo of Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready by Anne Erickson

The guys of Pearl Jam are ending their long-standing Ten Club Single program

Eddie Vedder and the guys of Pearl Jam have announced that they are ending the grunge band’s lengthy Ten Club Single program.

The Single series has lasted for a whopping 25 years. During that time, members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club fan club could score exclusive seven-inch vinyl singles with a bevy of covers, previously unreleased tracks, holiday tunes and additional rarities. The Single series will be discontinued on Jan. 1, 2019, but Pearl Jam’s famed Ten Club will still be active.

“Pearl Jam and all of us at Ten Club appreciate the loyalty and dedication from our members,” Pearl Jam said in a collective statement. “It has been amazing to watch the fan club evolve over the years into the tight-knit community it is today, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”

In other news, earlier this year, the guys of Pearl Jam released a new song named, “Can’t Deny Me.” That marked the band’s first bit of new music since releasing their 2013 studio album, “Lightning Bolt.” There’s talk of a new Pearl Jam recording being released in 2018, but the band has yet to confirm if and when they will release a new album.

Charles Ken
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