Kurt Cobain Book “Serving the Servant” to Arrive in April


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Kurt Cobain passed away 25 years ago this April, and a new book will remember the Nirvana frontman’s life and legacy

A new book surrounding the life and experiences of Kurt Cobain will be released this April, around the time of the 25th anniversary of his tragic death.

The book, called “Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain,” was penned by Danny Goldberg, who served as one of Nirvana’s managers between 1990 and 1994. Throughout “Serving the Servant,” Goldberg discusses his many memories of Cobain during the time when Nirvana became a household name around the world. In addition to discusses his thoughts on Cobain and Nirvana’s radical rise to success, the book features interviews with musicians who were close to Cobain, including his late wife, Courtney Love, and Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic.

“As soon as I started reading I got sucked in and I couldn’t put it down,” Joan Jett said of “Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain” in a statement. “As a huge Nirvana fan, it is petrifying to even attempt a description or enlightened comment about Kurt. I just want to say, any music fan should want this book. Any Nirvana fan must have this book.”

“Drawing on Goldberg’s own memories of Kurt, files that previously have not been made public, and interviews with, among others, Kurt’s close family, friends, and former bandmates, Serving the Servants sheds an entirely new light on these critical years,” states the book’s official description. “…Danny Goldberg explores what it is about Kurt Cobain that still resonates today, even with a generation who wasn’t alive until after Kurt’s death. In the process, he provides a portrait of an icon unlike any that has come before.”

“Serving the Servant” will be available on April 2, just a few days before the 25th anniversary of Cobain’s death. Cobain passed away April 5, 1994.

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