Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Appears on New Dub Trio Song


Mastodon’s Troy Sanders – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Troy Sanders from Mastodon offers his famed growling vocals to a new song called “Fought the Line”

Troy Sanders keeps pretty busy with his main gig in Mastodon, but he has taken some time to offer his famed growling vocals to a new song from instrumental band Dub Trio called, “Fought the Line.” The song is available now via digital outlets and can be streamed via the YouTube player below.

“‘Fought the Line’ references struggle,” Sanders explains in a new interview with Heavy Consequence. “It comes from a poem that I wrote inspired by a conversation I had with cancer itself. I stared at a face of beautiful, soft skin and assured this face, ‘I will take care of you.’”

He added, “We’re fighting one battle together. I’m right there, if things fall into my hands. The verses were therapy venting my anger. When people are fighting for their lives, it’s very easy to go off the line. If death is reeling you in, then you have to fight and do anything in your power to overcome it. I just wanted to be there to support.”

“Fought the Line” will arrive on Dub Trio’s upcoming studio album, “The Shape of Dub to Come,” which will drop on April 26.

In other news, Mastodon will kick off a North American tour with Coheed and Cambria on the Unheavenly Skye in May. On the trek, Mastodon will perform their 2009 album, “Crack the Skye,” from front to back in honor of the record’s 10th anniversary.



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