Whitesnake, ‘Flesh and Blood’ Review – David Coverdale and Company Shine


Whitesnake, ‘Flesh and Blood’ album cover – Review by Anne Erickson

Whitesnake shines on the band’s 13th studio record, “Flesh and Blood”

Not many bands are able to release a fully-loaded album of originals 40 years into the game, but then again, Whitesnake isn’t most bands. David Coverdale and company are on their lucky 13th studio album, “Flesh and Blood” (out May 10 via Frontiers Music), and the collection proves that Whitesnake is only getting more musically exciting as the years progress.

“Flesh and Blood” brings Coverdale’s powerhouse vocals and lyrics with the astute guitar playing of Chicago’s Joel Hoekstra, who co-wrote six songs on the album with Coverdale. The rest of the Whitesnake sound is fleshed out with guitarist Reb Beach, bass player Michael Devin, percussionist Tommy Aldridge and keyboard player and singer Michele Luppi.

Kicking off with a catchy opening guitar riff and Coverdale’s fiery vocal lines on lead track, “Good to See You Again,” it’s obvious early on that “Flesh and Blood” is poised to deliver. “Good to See You Again” is a party-happy rock anthem that greets the listener with familiar guitar soloing and head-bopping rhythms. The tune plays like a reunion with an old friend, which is why “Good to See You Again” is a perfect title.

One true stand-out on the record is “Heart of Stone,” a dramatic ballad with beautiful guitars and Coverdale’s longing vocals. There’s a modern feel to “Heart of Stone”– it would fit alongside ballads from bands such as Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed on any playlist.

“Hey You (Make Me Want to Rock)” is a straight-ahead rock track with the kind of romantic lyrics upon which Whitesnake was built, as Coverdale sings, “Lightning strikes me when I feel your touch / Your love burns me to the bone.” As the chorus crashes in, the song begs for the listener to sing along as the band yells, “Hey, you!”

Whitesnake leaves one of the best songs to last with the final track on the album, “Sands of Time.” The tune is a driving, powerful, hard rock anthem with a meaty chorus that leaves the listener with the impression of strength and excitement.

“Flesh and Blood” combines the best of what Whitesnake has always offered fans throughout the years – swelling, feel-good, anthemic rock tracks – with a modern edge that charters the band into 2019. With the high-quality songwriting, instrumentation and vocals on “Flesh and Blood,” it appears Whitesnake is on target to keep rocking for another 40 years. Ink rating: 9/10.

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Whitesnake, “Flesh and Blood” Track List:

Good To See You Again
Gonna Be Alright
Shut Up & Kiss Me
Hey You (You Make Me Rock)
Always & Forever
When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue)
Trouble Is Your Middle Name
Flesh & Blood
Well I Never
Heart Of Stone
Get Up
After All
Sands Of Time

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