The Heavy, ‘Sons’ Review – British Rockers Offer Variety on New Album


The Heavy, “Sons” album art – Review by Anne Erickson

Review: British rockers The Heavy are back with their fifth studio album, “Sons,” which features a mix of rock, jazz and funk

There’s no denying that British rockers The Heavy have achieved impressive pop culture success since forming in 2007. The band has contributed songs to a plethora of movie and TV soundtracks, including “Dallas Buyers Club” and “The Hateful Eight.” Their song “Short Change Hero” was featured in the video game Borderlands. The guys have also appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Daily Show” and “Conan.”

Now, the group — which brings together Kelvin Swaby (vocals), Dan Taylor (guitar), Spencer Page (bass guitar) and Chris Ellul (drums) — has released their fifth studio album, “Sons,” out last month. The set comes at a good time, as it brings the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that’s perfect to crank in the summer months.

“Heavy for You,” the album’s lead track, features wild guitars and a fun, party-happy vibe. The style is a nod to classic rock, with the energy and production of a modern band. “Heavy for You” is also a great track to introduce the listener to “Sons.” As the rest of the album unfolds, each track offers a slightly different sound, mixing rock n’n’ roll with jazz, funk, soul, blues and hip-hop.

Even with all the different styles on “Sons,” the album sounds stylistically in harmony. Tracks such as “A Whole Lot Of Love” carry a swagger and glam-rock feel, and while different, those fit alongside other tracks such as “Simple Things,” which is a straight-ahead funk jam.

One highlight off the record, “Better As One,” is written about peace and coming together. Frontman Kelvin Swaby was inspired to write the song following the deadly events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

With “Sons,” The Heavy brings a variety-packed set of songs to their already rich discography. The album offers something classic for longtime fans and a new edge for those just discovering the British rockers.

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