Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs of 2019 (So Far)


Korn, Alter Bridge + Five Finger Death Punch – Story and photos by Anne Erickson

From Alter Bridge to Five Finger Death Punch to Korn, Audio Ink names the Top 10 rock and metal songs that rule the first half of 2019

It seems as if we were just listing the top songs off 2018, and in an instant, we’re already at the halfway point of 2019. With July in full swing, it’s time to recognize the greatest rock and metal songs from the early part of 2019. From Alter Bridge to Papa Roach to Motley Crue, it’s been a solid year for heavy music. Let’s see that trend continue.

Read on for Audio Ink Radio’s Top 10 (okay, it’s really 11) Rock and Metal Songs of 2019 (So Far). The list is in alphabetical order.

Alter Bridge, “Wouldn’t You Rather”

One of the most anticipated rock albums of the year is Alter Bridge’s upcoming set, “Walk the Sky,” out in October. While fans have to wait a few months for the full slate of new tunes, the album’s lead single, “Wouldn’t You Rather,” is here, and it has Alter Bridge surging back onto the scene with incredible force and talent. Singer Myles Kennedy’s vocals stretch far and wide over guitarist Mark Tremonti’s shredding, which makes for a powerful, meaty rock anthem.

Dream Theater, “Untethered Angel”

Dream Theater kicks off their powerful new album, “Distance Over Time,” with a complex, musically enchanting song called “Untethered Angel.” The track starts with an eerie, magical guitar solo that pulls the listener in before letting out an explosive drum and guitar attack, making way for James LaBrie’s melodic vocals. It gets the listener’s attention from the get-go.

Five Finger Death Punch, “Blue on Black”

Even though the guys of Five Finger Death Punch are in the studio working on their eighth studio album, the band still manages to have a current No. 1 song on the rock radio chart. “Blue on Black” is the band’s powerful cover of the Kenny Wayne Shepherd song, and it features the guys alongside Queen’s Brian May, country singer Brantley Gilbert and Shepherd himself. This is an updated, 2019 version of the band’s “Blue on Black” cover that appeared on their 2018 studio album, “And Justice for None.”

Hellyeah, “Welcome Home”

When Vinnie Paul shockingly passed away in 2018 of a heart attack, the music world lost a special drummer. Paul had already recorded his parts for Hellyeah’s upcoming album, and in honor of Vinnie, the band will release the collection, “Welcome Home,” in September. The album’s title track is a melodic rock gem, with singer Chad Grey’s haunting vocals singing, “Far off in the distance, the storm’s closing in / The pressure collapsing, bright skies become dim.”

Korn, “You’ll Never Find Me”

California rap-rock royalty Korn will release their new album, “The Nothing,” in September, but fans already have a taste of the album in lead single, “You’ll Never Find Me.” The song starts off with crunchy guitars, bouncy rhythms and singer Jonathan Davis’ familiar vocals chiming in with melodic vocal passages and rap-rock whispers.

Motley Crue, “The Dirt”

When Motley Crue released “The Dirt” biopic, the ’80s metallers also released four new songs. One of those tunes, “The Dirt,” has managed to make itself onto modern rock radio decades after the guys broke. “The Dirt” is a fast-moving, chugging rock anthem which features rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who plays drummer Tommy Lee in the film. The song’s lyrics “They never found a way to break us down / That’s why we’re still around” pretty much sum up the band’s legacy. How in the world did these guys live through all the antics depicted in “The Dirt” and come out not only still a band but still alive?

Papa Roach, “Elevate”

Papa Roach continues to churn out catchy, anthemic rap-rock that tops the charts. The band’s latest album, “Who Do You Trust?” has a Top 5 rock radio hit in “Elevate,” and the song features high-octane riffs, upbeat rhythms and frontman Jacoby Shaddix declaring, “No, I will not be a victim and I’m like hey, whoa / No, I don’t need permission to elevate with precision.” It’s a raging rock ride.

Skillet, “Legendary”

Skillet is back in 2019 with a new album, “Victorious,” out in August, and a new rock radio hit in the album’s debut single, “Legendary.” With towering guitars, catchy rhythms and John Cooper’s empowering vocals, the song is a great re-introduction to Skillet’s charismatic sound and style.

Slipknot, “Unsainted”

Corey Taylor and the guys of Slipknot know how to bring a creepy drama to anything they touch, and that’s all over the metal band’s latest single, “Unsainted.” The track — which is part of Slipknot’s upcoming “We Are Not Your Kind” album, out in August — kicks off with an eerie choir before launching into the familiar brutal guitars and drums for which Slipknot made its name.

The Hollywood Vampires, “I Want My Now”

Hollywood Vampires’ new album, “Rise,” proves the band is truly out for blood. One stand-out on the set, “I Want My Now,” shows off the chemistry between band members Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp with more than seven minutes of swirling guitars, bass and drums with head-bopping rhythms. It’s the kind of song one can envision being performed at an outdoor amphitheater on a hot, summer night.

Whitesnake, “Good to See You Again”

Whitesnake released a new record in May, “Flesh and Blood,” and the album’s opening song, “Good to See You Again,” showcases Coverdale’s commanding vocals and guitarist Joel Hoekstra’s riveting guitar skills. Kicking off with a catchy opening guitar riff and Coverdale’s fiery vocal lines, “Good to See You Again” is a party-happy rock anthem that greets the listener with familiar guitar soloing and head-bopping rhythms. The tune plays like a reunion with an old friend.

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