Tool Unveils ‘Fear Inoculum’ Track List


Story by Charles Ken, photo by Travis Shinn

Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” will arrive on Aug. 30, and the official track list is here

Tool has shared the official track list for “Fear Inoculum,” which will mark the group’s first studio album in more than a decade.

The album will feature seven songs, and if that sounds short for an album, just remember that Tool’s song run very long. The set will kick off with the previously released title track, as well as the new songs “Invincible” and “Descending,” which Tool has already debuted live.

Other songs on the upcoming set include “Chocolate Chip Trip,” “Pneuma,” “Culling Voices” and “7empest.”

For those who opt to purchase the digital version of “Fear Inoculum” instead of the physical version, the digital set will include three bonus, the transitional pieces called “Litanie contre la Peur,” “Legion Inoculant” and “Mockingbeat.” Those who purchase the physical CD will also receive a download card with those extra songs.

“Fear Inoculum” will arrive on Aug. 30. The album marks the band’s follow-up to 2006’s “10,000 Days.” Read Audio Ink’s review of the title track of Tool’s new album here.

Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” Track List:

“Fear Inoculum”
“Culling Voices”
“Chocolate Chip Trip”



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