Hellyeah Honors Vinnie Paul on ‘Welcome Home’ – Album Review


Hellyeah returns with their new album, “Welcome Home” – Review and photo Anne Erickson

Hellyeah is back with “Welcome Home,” which marks their final album with Vinnie Paul’s drumming

“Welcome Home,” the sixth album from metal supergroup Hellyeah, is out today (Sept. 27) and marks the final recording from legendary drummer Vinnie Paul, who laid down his drum lines before he suddenly passed away last year.

Considering it’s Paul’s final album, fans have been waiting patiently to hear the new tracks, and listening to the set from front to back, it’s safe to say they should be pleased with the pummeling rhythms on “Welcome Home.” The set launches with the thrash-y “333,” which is an apt song to kick off the collection. Singer Chad Gray’s powerful growling and singing makes the track, as he sings about how fans of heavy metal are often looked down upon by a society that simply doesn’t get the beauty in heavy music. It’s a meaty track that stands out in Hellyeah’s catalog as one of their heaviest songs to date.

As “Welcome Home” moves along, Hellyeah presents a variety of rock styles, from groove-rock (“At Wick’s End”) to lightning-fast metal (“Black Flag Army”) to steel guitar (“Perfect”). It’s a passionate collection that oozes with emotion for Paul.

Some of the songs even have some Pantera-style riffs, paying tribute to Paul’s legendary metal band, Pantera. Songs such as “Black Flag Army” and “333” have a true Pantera vibe, which should appease fans of Paul’s early work. There’s even a power ballad on here, “Skyy and Water,” that shows off Hellyeah’s softer side.

With “Welcome Home,” Hellyeah pays tribute to Vinnie Paul while also flexing their musical muscles and showing their penchant for creative a variety of rock and metal sounds. It’s a special set, since it’s Paul’s final recording, and the rest of the Hellyeah crew live up to Paul’s legacy with solid performances and a lot of heavy metal heart. Ink rating: 9/10.



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