Tool Drummer Danny Carey Says the Band Has ‘Tons of Material’ for Another Album


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Travis Shinn

Tool just released a new album, “Fear Inoculum,” but drummer Danny Carey says the guys have plenty of material ready to go for another record

It look Tool 13 years to release their new studio album “Fear Inoculum,” but that’s not due to a lack of material. In fact, the guys are already thinking ahead to another new album.

Speaking with the U.K.’s Metal Hammer, drummer Danny Carey explains that even though “it’s hard to say” what else the guys of Tool will do down the road, he would like them to “get in and knock out another record.”

“We have tons of material,” Carey said. “It’s not going to take 12 years, or if it does, I’ll probably be so old I probably can’t pick up my sticks any more! But my hope is we’ll do another record and just keep moving forward.”

Of course, since Tool just released “Fear Inoculum,” and since the band’s record contract is now complete, Carey says the guys might need some special “motivation” to hit the studio again.

“The carrot on the stick has gotten larger because now we’ll be free agents,” he said. “We don’t have to deal with a record company or, if we do, we deal with it on our terms, because we can do whatever we want now.”

“Fear Inoculum” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The band will kick off their fall 2019 headlining tour with a date Oct. 15 in Denver.



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