Alter Bridge, Steel Panther, Saint Asonia + Styx Members Share Halloween Plans


Story by Anne Erickson

What is Halloween like for touring rockers? Audio Ink asks members of Alter Bridge, Steel Panther, Styx, Saint Asonia and Within Temptation about their Halloween plans

Halloween is upon us, and Audio Ink caught up with a few rockers to find out what they’re doing for Halloween this year. Stream the full interviews via the podcast player or YouTube player below.

Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther’s Halloween plans involve mojitos. Would you expect anything less from the hair metal royalty?

“What I usually do for Halloween is, usually I’m playing shows, but actually this year, I may just sit on my front porch and hand out candy while I’m drinking mojitos,” Zadinia tells Audio Ink.” Yes, that sounds creepy, but I’m still going to do it, because I don’t think we’re playing on Halloween this year.”

As for his favorite Halloween memory, Zadina says, “I don’t even know, because usually there are shows! You know what, this last tour, last Halloween, we all did dress up. I was a ghoul, Satchel was Ace Frehley, Lexxi Foxx may have been an actual fox, and what did Michael Starr dress as? I can’t remember, but I remember Satchel was a killer Ace.”

Adam Gontier from Saint Asonia tells Audio Ink that he’s dressing up with his family for Halloween this year.

“Our family – my wife, my son and I – are going to go as the cast of “Young Frankenstein,” the ‘80s movie,” he says. “I’m going to be Frankenstein, my wife is going as Igor and my son is the Crazy Mad Scientist, so that should be fun.”

Styx bass player Ricky Phillips tells Audio Ink that his favorite part of Halloween is “the candy.” He’s always busy around Halloween, though, and can’t always enjoy the holiday.

“Halloween is something that I really haven’t celebrated,” he says. “I think Tommy Shaw wore a kilt or something one year, but that wasn’t even really a Halloween costume. But, I like people wanting to dress different. I don’t have a real Halloween memory—it seems to come by and I’m on the road or working or if I’m at home, it’s very private and there are no people who can even get to my house to trick or treat, so I’m kind of left out of it.”

Halloween is a good time to watch scary movies, and Mark Tremonti or Alter Bridge says that his favorite scary movie is “The Shining.”

“’The Shining’ is my favorite scary movie, and I think it’s the best scary movie of all time,” Tremonti says. “I think it’s scary because it’s about a family in a huge isolated are in the middle of the winter, and I think it’s just a cool concept.”

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