Incubus Already Has Songs and Videos Completed for New Album


Brandon Boyd of Incubus – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

Incubus has “at least four songs that are completely done” for the band’s next record, says bass player Ben Kenney

Incubus bass player Ben Kenney has confirmed that the band is well on its way to releasing a new album.

“We have at least four songs that are completely done and at least one or two others that have videos already,” Kenney said in a new interview with Billboard. “[We also have] a bunch of other ideas that are floating around that we might try to chip away at when we get back [from tour].”

Kenney says that the guys of Incubus aren’t going to wait until they have a full album ready to start sharing the music with fans.

“We’re just gonna keep popping songs out if we can,” Kenney explained. “We’re just gonna figure out the way to get our music into people’s hands over the next couple months and hopefully just keep grooving and touring.”

“We’re just trying to experiment and explore what we’re capable of doing, and all the while not take ourselves too seriously and just really enjoy what we get to do,” he added.

Incubus is currently on the road, doing a North American headlining tour, and Kenney says the shows have enjoyed great energy.

“I tell ya, every night the audience has been singing from the first song to the last song, singing at the top of their lungs, and every song is getting a 10 out of 10 from the crowd. Even if we make mistakes and mess up the song, the audience is just so into it, they don’t care,” he said. “Right now everything is just on fire.”

Incubus’ latest studio album is 2017’s “8.” Most recently, the band released a new single, called “Into the Summer,” in August.

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