Hatebreed Offers Heavy, Hardcore Anthem in ‘When the Blade Drops’ – Song Review


Hatebreed – Review by Anne Erickson, Band promo photo

Song review: Coming in at just over 2 minutes, “When the Blade Drops” is a fast, heavy, hardcore anthem that leaves the listener wanting more

Connecticut hardcore favorite Hatebreed is gearing up for an active 2020, and the band just got started by releasing a new track, the brutal “When the Blade Drops.” The new song marks the group’s first new studio track in four years.

Those who like Hatebreed’s harder side will find lots to appreciate in “When the Blade Drops.” On it, frontman Jamey Jasta serves up plenty of energy and angst that lasts all the way from the start of the song to the finish. “Chains forged and worn like a willful captive / Link by link as all life is passing / Self-imposed rusted iron dread / No consolation overhead,” he shouts in the song’s introduction.

Jasta delivers a sharp, high-octane performance on “When the Blade Drops,” and the rest of the Hatebreed crew also sounds tight and powerful. One special part of the track comes right as the middle approaches, when guitarist Wayne Lozinak pulls out a quick, meaty guitar solo that sings and soars. Coming in at just over 2 minutes, “When the Blade Drops” is a fast, heavy hardcore anthem that leaves the listener wanting more.

Jasta says “When the Blade Drops” is a taste of what’s to come on Hatebreed’s upcoming album. That means to expect a heavy, unmerciful collection.

“We’re definitely going hard on this one,” Jasta said in a statement. “The speed, intensity and brutality that people have come to expect from us is on full display. Can’t wait to play this one live and see the pit erupt.”

Hatebreed are on target to release their eighth full-length LP later this year. Ink rating: 9/10.



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