New Jersey Rockers One Hundred Thousand Release New Song, ‘Aries’


One Hundred Thousand – Story by Anne Erickson, courtesy photo

One Hundred Thousand is gearing up to release a new concept album called “Zodiac,” and each song off the album is named after a zodiac sign

New Jersey’s One Hundred Thousand have released the debut single, “Aries,” off their upcoming album, “Zodiac.” Listen to the prog-rock influenced song, which is available now via digital platforms, below.

One Hundred Thousand wrapped up recording sessions for “Zodiac,” which will be a full-length concept album, last fall. The release date for the new record has been pushed back due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, since the band would like to play shows to support the album, but decided to release a few singles off the album while everyone waits.

“We were uncertain about releasing music this spring, but the cancellations made up our minds,” bass player Andrew Magnotta told Audio Ink Radio. “Sharing these songs now is our way of turning this weird period of isolation into a positive thing.”

One Hundred Thousand were looking forward to returning to the stage for a few shows earlier this year, but everything shut down due to COVID-19.

“Making this album was a consuming process and we stopped playing shows in order to focus on completing it. We had two comeback shows in the New York City-area this spring before they shut everything down last month,” he said.

“We were so ready to perform live again, so it was crushing to lose those shows,” he added. “Ironically, both of these songs, ‘Aries’ and ‘Taurus,’ are more or less about absorbing personal losses in a really negative, self-damaging way.”

As for “Zodiac,” each song off the album is named after a zodiac sign. “Aries” is the fist song on the record and “appeals directly to the chaotic time in which we’re currently living.”

One Hundred Thousand will release the second song off “Zodiac,” “Taurus,” later this spring.