Tool Hopes to Write New Music While on Lockdown


Tool – Story by Cat Badra, promo photo by Tim Cadiente

Prog-rock band Tool recently released a new album, but due to the coronavirus quarantine, they might already start work on new music

After more than a decade without new music from Tool, the progressive rock band unleashed “Fear Inoculum” last year to much fanfare.

It’s possible fans won’t have to wait that long for Tool’s follow-up to “Fear Inoculum.” Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the band having some unexpected downtime, and that’s apparently resulting in some jams.

Like most of the world, Tool is currently under lockdown, and drummer Danny Carey gave fans some promising news regarding new music during a webinar hosted by the Berklee College of Music. View video of the full webinar below.

“I’m hoping, during this downtime, as soon as we’re able, maybe we’ll get together — [bassist] Justin [Chancellor] and I, and [guitarist] Adam[Jones] — maybe start hashing out some new Tool stuff,” he said in the webinar. “Maybe try to write another EP since we’re down and we can’t do anything else.”

“I’m just kind of waiting on that, you know, waiting around but – that’s all I’ve really got going on,” he added.

Getting a new EP from Tool would make sense as a quick follow-up to the “Fear Inoculum” full-length. Time will tell if Maynard James Keenan joins in the writing sessions.

In other news, Tool recently announced their U.S. spring tour in support of “Fear Inoculum” would be postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.



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