Ozzy Osbourne Launches ‘Ozzy for President’ Merchandise Line


Ozzy Osbourne has launched a new line of merchandise with the slogan, "Ozzy for President."

Ozzy Osbourne publicity photo – Story by Charles Ken

Ozzy isn’t really running for president, but he’s releasing a new line of band merchandise with the slogan, “Ozzy for President”

It looks like musicians are taking over the presidential race, at least in theory. Over the weekend, Kanye West declared his 2020 run for President of the U.S., followed by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. With Shinoda, it came off as more of a joke, but time will tell if West’s bid is real or a means to promote new music.

Now, another musician is getting political: Ozzy Osbourne. The metal icon has created a new merchandise line featuring the slogan “Ozzy for President.” Items available include hoodies and bumper stickers, T-shirts, buttons and more with the “Ozzy for President” slogan, as well as a classic photo of Ozzy.

Ozzy and his crew made the announcement via Twitter, stating, “It’s time for a new candidate…” along with a link to the merchandise.

It doesn’t seem likely that Ozzy is really running for president. After all, he wasn’t born in the U.S., which is a requirement for anyone running for the office. All of the “Ozzy for President” merchandise is available now at Osbourne’s web store.



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