Kataklysm, ‘Unconquered’ Review – Overcoming Obstacles Makes for Inspiring Theme on New Album


Review: Kataklysm is back with a new album, "Unconquered," and it's their more aggressive yet.

Kataklysm, “Unconquered,” cover art – Review by Anne Erickson

Album review: “Unconquered,” the new album from Kataklysm, features an inspiring theme of overcoming obstacles

Canadian melodic death metal outfit Kataklysm are back with their 14th studio album, “Unconquered,” out Friday (Sept. 25) via Nuclear Blast, and the album is their heaviest yet. Kataklysm has been rocking it since the early ’90s, and “Unconquered” has the consistent, comfortable feel of a band has real history.

With the album’s opening track, “The Killshot,” Kataklysm sets the mood for the set, with the song’s crescendoing introduction and deep, thrashy riffs and rhythms. “Cut Me Down,” the following track, primes the listener for the overarching theme on “Unconquered,” which is one of overcoming obstacles and setbacks to come out victorious. “Kataklysm always has this dark intonation in everything, but in the end, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel where you come on top of it,” Maurizio Iacono told Audio Ink Radio of the new album.

“Underneath the Scars” follows, and the song is a bass lover’s dream. Bass-heavy riffing coupled with massive rhythms that makes “Underneath the Scars” a very percussive, exciting track. As the album moves forward, another real standout on “Unconquered” is “When It’s Over,” which features a dark, melodic mood with thick sonic textures.

Those looking for a classic Kataklysm song will find much to enjoy in “Defiant,” with presents the band’s traditional, melodic death metal sound. Another highlight is “Stitches,” which really shows off the outfit’s melodic side, with soaring riffs and Iacono’s signature growling.

“Unconquered” is a steady, solid record, and certainly Kataklysm’s most aggressive and brooding set to date. While there’s some new style on here, “Unconquered” has enough familiarity to appease new and longtime fans alike. Even more than the music, the theme on “Unconquered” of overcoming life’s difficulties is inspiring and something that’s needed in 2020.

Essential songs: “The Killshot,” “Underneath the Scars,” “Stitches,” “When It’s Over”



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