Pearl Jam Guitarist Stone Gossard Announces Debut Album with New Band, Painted Shield


Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam has released a new song, "I Am Your Country," with his band Painted Shield.

Painted Shield – Story by Scarlett Hunter, courtesy photo

Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam has released a new song, “I Am Your Country,” with his band Painted Shield, and the full album is on the way

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has released new music with his latest musical project, Painted Shield. The band sounds very different from Pearl Jam and brings together folk singer Mason Jennings, former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain and keyboardist and vocalist Brittany Davis.

“I love making music, and I especially love collaborating with other musicians,” Gossard said regarding Painted Shield in a statement. “That’s the fun part, when you experience synchronicity between the music and the people you’re involved with.”

Painted Shield’s self-titled debut album will arrive on Nov. 27. The album’s lead single, “I Am Your Country,” is streaming now via YouTube.

Gossard says having a handful of musicians with their own unique sounds and styles working together in Painted Shield makes for an interesting set of music.

“Brittany Davis is a Seattle singer-songwriter and force to be reckoned with,” Gossard said. “Her voice and incredible keyboard playing is foundational to Painted Shield’s sound. And John is a brilliant mixer and musician. His interpretation of the songs and the way he built dynamics really floored everybody.”

Gossard and Pearl Jam released their latest studio album, “Gigaton,” in March.

“Painted Shield” Track List:

1. Orphan Ghost
2. Time Machine
3. Knife Fight
4. Ten Years From Now
5. On The Level
6. I Am Your Country
7. Evil Winds
8. Painted Shield
9. Raven

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