Perfect Plan, ‘Time for a Miracle’ Review – New Album Shines with Melodic Hard Rock


Melodic rockers Perfect Plan are back with their sophomore record, "Time for a Miracle."

Perfect Plan, “Time for a Miracle” album cover – Review by Anne Erickson

Album review: Perfect Plan is back with their sophomore studio album, “Time for a Miracle,” and the collection brims with AOR-inspired melodic hard rock

Swedish rockers Perfect Plan introduced themselves to the world with their 2018 debut, “All Rise,” which featured a unique style of melodic hard rock. Now, the band is back with their follow-up, “Time for a Miracle,” out now via Frontiers Music Srl, which presents the kind of uplifting rock music that is needed in 2020.

“Time For A Miracle,” stylistically, is a natural follow-up to “All Rise,” with more soaring, inspiring melodic hard rock. The album features 12 tracks with great melodies, powerful vocal arrangements and slick guitar solos. It’s a thicker, meatier release than “All Rise” and takes listeners into the next chapter of Perfect Plan.

The album’s title track is a stand-out on the set. Singer Kent Hilli’s strong vocal delivery perfectly couples with Rolf Nordström’s sharp guitars, Leif Ehlin’s keys, Fredrik Forsberg rhythms and new bass player Mats Byström’s low end, offering a triumphant-sounding that seems fit for the movie soundtrack for a “Rocky”-type of film. “We’re gonna make it ’til the end / We’re gonna fight it once again,” Hilli sings in the track. “Fighting to Win” is a softer, piano-based addition, that shows Perfect Plan can really deliver on the ballads.

Another album highlight is “Don’t Blame It on Love Again,” which features a super-catchy melody and cool synth effect, making it a choice cut for rock radio. “Better Walk Alone” is another hooky, driving track, with steady rhythms and an epic, brooding vibe.

Throughout the album, Hilli’s vocals really shine, as the vocal lines and songwriting show off his broad range and rich upper register. He can belt on the rockers and scale it back to a near-whisper on the ballads.

From top to bottom, Perfect Plan’s “Time for a Miracle” is a consistent, exciting listen throughout, keeping in line with the band’s AOR-based melodic hard rock, but also showing off their range and character. It’s a solid release from a promising band that will have fans waiting and ready for album three.

Essential songs: “Time for a Miracle,” “Better Walk Alone,” “Fighting to Win,” “Just One Wish”



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