Metallica Monopoly is Back with World Tour Edition


Metallica invite fans to tour all seven continents with their new Metallica Monopoly World Tour edition.

Metallica – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Herring Herrin

Metallica invite fans to tour all seven continents with their new Metallica Monopoly World Tour edition board game

The holidays are here, and if you have a Metallica fan on your list who already seems to have everything from the famed metal band, here’s a new option. Metallica has announced a new version of their Metallica Monopoly set, which was initially released in 2011. The latest release, dubbed the World Tour edition, pays homage to some Metallica history from 2013, when the guys became the first band ever to perform on all seven continents.

As fans play the World Tour edition of Metallica Monopoly, they tour the world and make stops at the band’s favorite cities and venues on each of the seven continents, buying arenas, stadium, amphitheaters and cities with the game’s cash, “Metalli-bucks.” As players land on the “Carpe Diem” or “Shortest Straw” spaces, they are rewarded with sticks, picks and snake pit passes or fined with stage repair or parking fees.

The traditional Monopoly tokens, of course, won’t do for James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo. The game’s Metallica tokens include Lady Justice, Death Magnetic coffin, Ride the Lightning electric chair, Master of Puppets Cross, the Scary Guy and more.

“This time we’re celebrating life on the road, including the World Record breaking, Whiplash-filled year of 2013 when Metallica became the first and only band to ever perform on all seven continents,” the band said in a collective statement. “Tour around the globe with your collectable token to some of the band’s favorite cities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. You’ll even find yourself Trapped Under Ice in Antarctica!”

Metallica’s Monopoly World Tour edition runs $39.99. The item is available at the band’s online store at, along with a bevy of other Metallica-themed holiday gifts.

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