Nickelback Update ‘Photograph’ for the Digital Age in New Parody Video


"All the Right Reasons" turned 15 in October, and in honor, Nickelback released a special, deluxe reissue of the collection.

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Nickelback celebrate 15 years of “Photograph” with a new, parody version of the popular song for Google Photos

One of the biggest rock hits for Nickelback, undoubtedly, is “Photograph.” The song was released in 2005 as the debut single from the band’s “All the Right Reasons” album and topped a bevy of different charts in the U.S. and across the globe.

Now, the Canadian rock band has released a parody version of the song for a new Google Photos commercial. The updated version features Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger scrolling through various pictures saved using the service, while crooning about taking too many photos and laughing at his old looks. Watch the parody clip below via YouTube.

“Fifteen years ago, we had no idea that the photos on our mobile devices would become such a ubiquitous part of all of our lives,” Kroeger said in a statement. “When Google approached us with the idea about marrying the song with Google Photos we felt like it would be a fun and nostalgic way to give the song a lyrical refresh and share some of our favorite memories.”

This year actually marks the 15th anniversary of Nickelback’s “All the Right Reasons” album. In honor, the band released a special reissue of the set in the fall, featuring the original songs plus various extras. The band was also slated to embark on an “All the Right Reasons” 15th anniversary tour, but the trek was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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