Paul McCartney Names His Favorite Song Off ‘McCartney III’


Paul McCartney says he's difficult to pick a favorite song off his new album, "McCartney III," but one stands out.

‘McCartney III’ album cover – Story by Charles Ken

Paul McCartney says he and his wife Nancy have their picks when it comes to favorite songs off his new solo album, “McCartney III”

Beatles legend Paul McCartney recently released his 18th solo album, “McCartney III,” and with 11 original songs on the set, Sir Paul says it’s difficult to pick a favorite track. But, when pressed, he and his wife, Nancy, have their picks.

During a recent Reddit AMA session fan Q&A, McCartney explained that his favorite song off “McCartney III” at the moment is “Deep Deep Feeling.” Nancy’s favorite is “The Kiss of Venus.” McCartney added that “The Kiss of Venus,” “Slidin'” and “Find My Way” are the tracks from the new album he thinks would be most fun to perform live.

When it came to writing and recording “The Kiss of Venus,” Paul said it “was interesting because that was a song I had to play straight on acoustic guitar. It was fun to do and I was happy with how it turned out.”

Switching gears to the holidays, McCartney said his Christmas plans are much live everyone else in the world amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. McCartney explained he’d be staying at home and “yes, I’ll be eating far too much with my family!”

Sir Paul also discussed what music he’s listening to these days. “I’m lucky. I have a friend who sends me new music which helps me keep in touch with the modern scene,” he said. “So I listen to people like Dominic Fike, Beck, St Vincent and Khruangbin. I also listen to a lot of classic oldies coming through, from rock ‘ roll to ’60s to soul to r’n’b, with a sprinkling of classical music now and then.”

Finally, McCartney talked about the much-anticipated upcoming documentary “The Beatles: Get Back,” which features 56 hours of unused footage shot during the making of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” album. “I particularly like me and John [Lennon] jiving together,” McCartney said. “And also the birth of the song ‘Get Back.'”



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