Bad Wolves and Tommy Vext Comment on Split


Bad Wolves and vocalist Tommy Vext have parted ways, but in a new Instagram post, Vext tells fans not to take their frustrations out on the band.

Bad Wolves – Story by Cat Badra, photo by David Jackson

Bad Wolves, the band known for their omnipresent cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” have parted ways with their vocalist, Tommy Vext

Bad Wolves have parted ways with their original frontman, Tommy Vext. After several days of rumors circulating about the breakup, the band confirmed the news in a Facebook post over the weekend, which states, “It is true that Bad Wolves and vocalist Tommy Vext have parted ways.”

“The four of us plan to continue making music and a new album is planned for later this year,” the post goes on to explain. “Tommy has been a big part of Bad Wolves and we are grateful for his contributions. There is not much else to report at the moment but to send love and gratitude to the fans who have supported Bad Wolves from day one,” the statement continues. “We would not be here [without] you.”

While no official reason was given for the split, fans have speculated that Vext’s extreme right-wing political views caused the breakup. Now, in a new Instagram story posted today (Jan. 11) by Vext, the singer sheds a bit more light on the split, promising more information on the way once “legal documents are finalized.”

“Guys please listen: you can support me without bashing my former band mates in @badwolvesofficial,” Vext states on Instagram. “I understand emotions are high and there’s a lot of speculation but just chill. I will make a statement when legal documents are finalized. I have no animosity toward the boys, the media once again ran with rumors and forced my ex bandmates to make an ill timed response.”

He continues, “I am grateful for your support & reassurance and it’s actually moved me to tears. But we don’t need to spread negativity to the other guys. We have very different political and spiritual beliefs but they are good human beings & the way I see it is we will have a healthy competition to create awesome music. So everyone wins. I Love John, Doc, Chris & Kyle. Please Don’t bully my homies.”

Bad Wolves garnered the attention of the rock world in 2018 with their cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” which went viral and earned the band a chart-topping rock album. The group has released two albums with Vext: 2018’s “Disobey” and 2019’s “N.A.T.I.O.N.”



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