Dave Grohl Recalls Gift from Axl Rose After Lending Rose His Guitar Throne


Axl Rose so appreciated Dave Grohl lending him a "guitar throne" to make it through his 2016 tour that Rose gifted Grohl a special item.

Dave Grohl – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

Axl Rose so appreciated Dave Grohl lending him a “guitar throne” to make it through Guns N’ Roses’ 2016 tour that Rose gifted Grohl a special item

Foo Fighters fans will likely recall that back in 2015, Dave Grohl fell off the stage during a gig in Sweden and actually broke his leg during the fall. Not only did Grohl continue on and finish that particular concert, but he also completed the Foos’ entire 2015 tour with the help of a special, massive, guitar-laced throne.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Guns N’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose experienced a similar fate. Rose broke his foot during his first Guns N’ Roses reunion show with Slash and Duff McKagan back in the group. After that incident, Grohl lent Rose his stage throne to enable Rose and the guys of Guns N’ Roses to finish their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour.

As it turns out, Rose was so appreciative of Grohl’s gesture that he paid him back in the form of a classy gift. Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, Grohl explained that after the Gun N’ Roses tour, Rose gifted Grohl a snazzy new guitar. Moreover, Slash even picked out the exact guitar to give Grohl.

“He picked me an early-’60s Gibson ES 335 Dot, which to this day is the nicest f***ing guitar I have ever played in my life,” Grohl said. “It was an incredibly kind and classy gesture, and I was very appreciative.”

As for when Grohl will be able to use that new guitar on the road in the future, that’s up in the air. Touring is still on hold for the time being, and Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their 2020 25th anniversary tour due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The tour dates are expected to be rebooked at a later date. Until then, fans can get their Foo Fighters fix when the band releases their latest studio album, “Medicine at Midnight,” on Feb. 5. The record features the No. 1 mainstream rock hit, “Shame Shame.”



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