Courtney Love Says She Left Acting Following ‘a Bunch of #MeToos’


Courtney Love-fronted band Hole, "Live Through This," album cover.

Hole, “Live Through This,” album cover – Story by Cat Badra

Courtney Love opens up about her experience with acting and why she left the field

Courtney Love made her mark in the 1990s as the gutsy lead vocalist for grunge rockers Hole, as well as for being married to the genre’s biggest superstar, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Aside from making music, Love is also an actress, and now, she’s speaking out about why she left her acting career, stating it’s because of “a bunch of #MeToos.”

Love was a regular on the big screen in the 1990s, and she even earned a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her role in the film, “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” in which she portrayed Althea Leasure Flynt. After that big break, Love appeared in prominent roles in “Trapped,” “200 Cigarettes,” “Man on the Moon” and “Julie Johnson,” so she was a busy actress. When the 2000s rolled around, though, she stopped taking on major acting roles, instead appearing in a handful of independent movies and TV programs.

In a new Instagram post paired with a photo of her at the Golden Globe Awards when she was nominated, Love states, “I love acting. I stopped being capable of it after a bunch of #MeToos.”

“No one would believe me, and it wouldn’t stop,” Love added. “So I left, and it left. And I’m good with it. Maybe, in my next life I’ll be stronger & able to endure it. I tip my hat to those who can. It was super fun though.”

Also in the Instagram post, Love dishes on the Valentino chiffon gown that she was wearing, an item Sharon Stone let her for the night. Love stated, “Sharon said, ‘You’re acting too hip. Don’t be cool. Fuck that. You’re a great actress. Stand up straight! Be proud of your work! Be a movie star.’ When Sharon Stone is offering you movie star lessons? You take them.”

Love added that she misses acting “sometimes” and that it’s “one of the greatest experiences, as a woman you can have, I think. All the glamour that comes after that is fun, flamboyant, gorgeous! But the trust one can achieve with a great director? It’s one of the most profound things I’ve ever known.”



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