Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Martin and Robert Plant Appear in ‘Rockfield’ Documentary


Ozzy Osbourne, in a black and white photo.

Ozzy Osbourne publicity photo – Story by Charles Ken

A new documentary tells the story of the famed Rockfield recording studio, located on a farm in the Welsh countryside

A bevy of heavyweights from the music world will appear in a new documentary named “Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm.” The film, which drops as a digital release May 14, features interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, Liam Gallagher, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and more.

“Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm” delves into the history of Rockfield, a famous recording studio in the Welsh countryside, with special, intimate archival footage and new commentary. Some of the world’s biggest bands have recorded at Rockfield, including Black Sabbath, Oasis, Coldplay and Queen.

Rockfield is also one of the first residential recording studios in the world. It’s famous for being founded by two music-loving brothers, Kingsley and Charles Ward, who grew up on a farm and envisioned their lives making music. Years later, they converted their family farm into a full-fledged recording studio. The setting offers musicians a private, rural location to shut out the rest of the world during recording sessions.

Hannah Berryman directs the documentary, and the film has already been screened at SXSW and a handful of other film festivals. Now, Abramorama will release “Rockfield” as a “Watch @ Home” direct-to-consumer stream ahead of it reaching other digital platforms.

“In a way the film was about group dynamics, the intensity and ‘make or break’ nature of residential recording, something that with technology is on the wane,” Berryman stated in a release. “That intensity almost broke some bands, but it also produced tracks that have stood the test of time, and maybe you can hear everything that went on this isolated farm in that music, the pleasure and the pain.”

For more information on “Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm,” head to the movie’s website. View the official trailer below.



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