Saliva Release Revamped ‘Click Click Boom’ off the ‘Every Twenty Years’ EP


A photo of nu-metal band Saliva in the studio working on new music.

Saliva – Story by Scarlett Hunter, photo by Thomas Crane

Listen to a new version of the Saliva hit “Click Click Boom” recorded with the band’s current lineup

Saliva have unleashed a brand new version of their longstanding nu-metal hit, “Click Click Boom.” The song, which will appear the band’s upcoming “Every Twenty Years” EP, is available via digital outlets and can be streamed below.

“Every Twenty Years” will feature new versions of tracks from Saliva’s seminal “Every Six Seconds” album, including the hit single “Your Disease,” recorded with the current Saliva lineup, which has singer Bobby Amaru in place of founding vocalist Josey Scott. Amaru became a member of Saliva after Scott left the group in 2011.

Amaru spoke with Audio Ink Radio in an interview last year about why Saliva’s songs and other tracks from the nu-metal era still ring strong with fans. “I think it’s kind of like the ’80s came back the ’90s came back, and I think people from that time have good memories, and people want to relive that stuff. Especially if you compare it to today, those times were so much more fun for music all around.”

Both “Click Click Boom” and “Your Disease” were major hits for Saliva and helped push “Every Six Seconds” to platinum-selling status.

“Re-recording ‘Click Click Boom’ was much easier than the original recording because we already had the blueprint laid out for us,” guitarist Wayne Swinny said in a statement. “There was no need to alter anything because the original had all the right pieces in all the right places. We simply used the advances in modern technology to enhance the song sonically.”

“Every Twenty Years” will arrive May 7. The album is being released in honor of the 20th anniversary of “Every Six Seconds.”

Saliva’s “Every Twenty Years” Track List:

“Your Disease (2021 Version)”
“Click Click Boom (2021 Version)”
“After Me (2021 Version)”
“Greater Than/Less Than (2021 Version)”
“Spyhunter (2021 Version)”
“Spoonman (2021 Version)”

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