Todd Michael Hall Wanted to Create a ‘Great Positive Energy’ with ‘Sonic Healing’


Todd Michael Hall promo image.

Todd Michael Hall – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Doug Julian

Todd Michael Hall discusses his new solo album, “Sonic Healing,” and the experience of appearing on season 18 of “The Voice” in this new interview

America got to know and love singer Todd Michael Hall on season 18 of the voice, as he took one the role of resident rocker, going up against pop acts night after night. But, performing is nothing new for Hall. He’s been a musician his entire life, including serving as the lead vocalist of metal group Riot V.

Hall recently released a new solo album, “Sonic Healing,” via Rat Pak Records, featuring a true classic rock feel and aura. He spoke with Audio Ink Radio about the new record and his experience on “The Voice.” Read the interview below.

Todd, congratulations on your new record, “Sonic Healing.” This is a great-sounding record and really shows off your range. Tell me about the journey of creating “Sonic Healing.”

Well, I took a break from music in the mid-’90s, and I was practicing guitar and writing songs but not performing. I got back into it and started working on some heavy metal projects. I’ve been in heavy metal mode, because that’s been a passion of mine, so I’ve done seven albums in the past 10 years and was really in the mood for something else. I was in the mood for the classic rock that I grew up with.

When I first stated listening to music in the mid to later ’70s, there was a lot of classic rock going on and heavy metal, and in heavy metal, big-ranged singers. So, that’s what I was raised on. I wanted to have something that evoked that classic rock feeling.

You have a partner in crime on on the new album, as Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church co-wrote and produced it. What was it like working with him?

The first part of the pandemic, we were on lockdown, and I shut down my business and was just was ready to focus. Kurdt was amazing. Over 21 days, he wrote 18 songs. I’ve never experienced anything like it. He’d send me songs, and because everything was locked down, I was just going full speed on this.

I’ve had fast songs before, but not albums. When we initially sat down and discussed it, we were both keying into that old-school vibe that we wanted, and it was magical and came together well. I had this intention of it being a positive album and just wanted to bring energy and great positive energy.

What do you think it was about Kurdt that you two go along so well?

Well, I’ve had people before that we liked each other but didn’t vibe well in the studio, because the music has to sing to me. Kurdt would hand me songs that were incredible. I think his vision of how produce to the album was key. We wanted it to sound like a rock band, with not too many layers of guitars, and how we approached the vocals and mixing them in was just right. Working with Kurdt was amazing. It was unexpected how well it went.

You were a contestant on the 18the season of “The Voice.” What’s your favorite memory from that show?

There are a few, but one that really sticks out was when I was going to do the battle round with Joei Fulco. What was interesting is that the stage looks like a little boxing ring, and the theater is set up like a circle of bleachers, and you’re behind the bleachers when you’re backstage. There were two tunnels, and we had prepped really well and had just finished in the vocal booth, and I felt good. I remember sitting in the tunnel and looking out, and it’s about 500 people, and that’s not many people, but you could feeling the excitement, because they try to get everybody pumped up. I remember looking around saying to myself, “When are you ever going to get a chance to do this again? Just soak this up and enjoy it.” Joey and I went out there and had a total blast. That memory sticks out. I felt like I was in the moment.