This Michigan Spot Has the Best Taco in the State


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Tacos – Story by Cat Badra, photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

This week’s Local Beat focuses on something all Michiganders love: food. When it comes to food choices, Michigan offers a plethora of great cuisine throughout the state, from Middle Eastern to Italian to old-fashioned American to Indian.

So, when it comes to Mexican food, where should Michiganders get their taco fix? The staff at Eat This, Not That! set out to determine just that- the best place to get a taco in every state in the U.S., including Michigan.

“Tacos have become a culinary sensation, with countless iterations across the 50 states alone,” Eat This, Not That! states in the study. “But do you know exactly where to go to find the best tacos— and what to order once you’re there?”

To determine the best taco in each state, Eat This, Not That! used data from Yelp. “The company identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning ‘taco,’ then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning ‘taco,'” they stated in the study.

According to the study, the best taco in Michigan is at Korean BBQ Taco at Chino Loco Taqueria in Highland. The restaurant was founded in 2017, according to their official Facebook page, and offers a modern take on Mexican and Asian fusion cuisine.

As for what sets Korean BBQ Taco at Chino Loco Taqueria above the rest, the study states, “At this fusion eatery, you can get everything from Pollo Verde tacos to Korean BBQ tacos. We’re sold!”

Looking at our neighbors in Ohio, the study picked Fish Taco at Mazunte Taqueria in Cincinnati as the best taco spot. The report quotes a Yelp reviewer stating, “We lived in San Diego for three years, which is basically the Mecca of fish tacos. And still, this place wins, hands down.”

Find the best taco in each state via Eat This, Not That! here.

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