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The guys of Alter Bridge are celebrating their 18th anniversary as a band, and they’re also dishing on new music

Alter Bridge took to social media on Tuesday (Jan. 4) to celebrate the band’s 18th anniversary. As it turns out, it was 18 years ago today that vocalist Myles Kennedy went down to Florida to start jamming with Alter Bridge, and the band was born.

In addition to the birthday tribute, Alter Bridge also disclosed some information about when fans might expect a new album. In the message, Alter Bridge said band members expect the new set to arrive “later this year.”

“18 years ago Myles flew to Florida and Alter Bridge was born,” Alter Bridge tweeted. “It seems like yesterday and it has been an incredible journey that is not close to being finished. And thanks to our amazing fans because without you we would not exist. Get ready for a new album later this year.”

Speaking with Audio Ink Radio in a recent interview, Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti talked about the upcoming new album, stating, “We’re doing new music first. Then, me and Myles (Kennedy, vocalist) will probably get together on our break in January to go over what we’ve written at that point, and then we’ll go in the studio. We have April scheduled for some studio time. I don’t know if we’ll finish things up in that time or what, but we need to get new music out before we go back on tour. It’s just been too long.”

He added that regarding content, Tremonti has, “written just a few ideas” and “just kind of gotten started.” Check out our full interview with Mark Tremonti here.

Mark Tremonti released his latest album with his solo band, Tremonti, last year, “Marching in Time.” The album was named Audio Ink Radio’s No. 1 album of 2021. Kennedy also released new music last year in the form of his sophomore solo album, “The Ideas of March.” Kennedy was named Audio Ink Radio’s No. 1 artist of 2021.



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