Disturbed Singer David Draiman Tired of ‘Watching from the Sidelines’ and Back on Twitter


Disturbed vocalist David Draiman performing live in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.

Disturbed frontman David Draiman – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

David Draiman of Disturbed is back on Twitter and voices his opinion on everything from vaccines to anti-Semitic comments

David Draiman hasn’t been on Twitter for a minute- more than half a decade, actually. But, that all changed this month, when the Disturbed frontman returned to the micro-blogging and social networking site after he was “was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years.”

Back in the day, Draiman was one of rock’s most active Twitter users. Draiman would take to the platform to voice his thoughts on everything from politics to music to society. He was consistent about staying off Twitter for the past seven years, but officially reactivated a new Twitter account on Dec. 31.

“Came back to @Twitter because I was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years,” Draiman said on Twitter, explaining his move back. “Yes, the world of social media is still a relative cess pool, but I figured maybe it was time to jump back in, only this time, with a hazmat suit on… lol.”

He added, “Too many rageaholic keyboard warriors out there using what should be, and can be, a medium that brings us together, to only make us feel more divided. Not me. Just truth, no bulls***, no troll wars. I will do my damnedest to be a light in the darkness here.”

Draiman has already tweeted or retweeted a bunch of times since getting back on Twitter. At least one of his new tweets discusses new Disturbed music, which is something of great interest to the band’s fans. “BTW… Have I mentioned just how amazing the new @Disturbed material is?? Coming at you sometime this year. Promise,” he tweeted.

He also sang the praises of vaccines, stating, “I am triple vaccinated (Pfizer). I take the necessary precautions for myself and my family. I’ve also been traveling the world for the past year and have done so safely. I live carefully, but I do not live in fear, and I refuse to… This has happened before in human history and it will happen again. I will follow the ACTUAL science, and NOT the heavily politicized, fear mongering garbage that has infested both sides of the narratives associated with this virus.”

Draiman also tweeted some comments condemning anti-Semitism, saying, “If you think attacking random Jews on the streets of NY or anywhere in the world for that matter, is going to #FreePalestine, you’re a fool. All it does is strengthen our resolve and reveal your anti-Semitic hatred you try to disguise as ‘anti-Zionism.'”



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