Kittie Reunites for Video Chat in Honor of the 22nd Anniversary of ‘Spit’


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Kittie – Story by Anne Erickson, courtesy photo

Watch a special virtual chat with the members of Kittie in honor of the 22nd anniversary of the band’s debut album, “Spit”

When you think of groundbreaking all-female metal bands, the name Kittie should come to mind. The group formed in in the 1990s and quickly become one of the hottest metal bands on the circuit. Back in the ’90s, an all-female metal band was rare, at best, but Kittie sold millions of albums and appeared on major music festivals across the world, including OzzFest.

Kittie recently celebrated the 22nd anniversary of their 2000 debut album, “Spit.” In honor of the landmark, the original members of Kittie reunited last week for a virtual chat to talk about the new record. Kittie’s original lineup featured guitarist and vocalist Morgan Lander, drummer Mercedes Lander, guitarist Fallon Bowman and bass player Tanya Candler. Watch the full conversation via Instagram below.

Speaking with Audio Ink Radio, Morgan discussed what it was like coming up as a female in metal music back when it was so rare. “Getting started, we did have a lot of critics,” she said. “We had a did have a lot of success, and we were wildly successful, so that obviously was a driving force. But, we did have a lot of critics and getting started, and we did have a lot of people that had a hard time taking us seriously or didn’t think we were capable of actually playing those songs or even writing those songs, which is hurtful and disheartening.”

She added, “But I think that instilled in us a drive and a fire to constantly want to prove people wrong and become better and keep doing what we were doing doing. I think that’s been a thread that’s been common throughout our career.”

Morgan also talked about her favorite moments in Kittie and what advice she would give her teenage self if she could go back in time. Check out Audio Ink Radio’s full interview with Morgan Lander of Kittie here.

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