Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge Says Singing Leads is a ‘Natural Thing’


Mark Tremonti performs live amid dim green lighting.

Mark Tremonti – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti sings leads with his solo band, and he says he simply loves to sing

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed rose to fame as one of the most celebrated guitarists of the modern rock era. That said, it was a bit of a surprise to the world when he unleashed his own solo band, Tremonti, and took on the role of lead vocalist.

Tremonti has more than proven himself when it comes to vocal chops over the years. Now on his fifth studio album with Tremonti, 2021’s “Marching in Time,” he sings with the confidence of a seasoned frontman and isn’t afraid to experiment a bit, too.

When asked about how he feels about being a so-called frontman, Tremonti explained he loves using his pipes. “Well, in the Tremonti band, I love singing,” he told MetalTalk in a recent interview about “Marching in Time,” which dropped in September 2021. Watch the full video chat below.

“Singing to me is a lot of fun. I don’t feel the pressures that I feel with guitar playing when I sing. Singing is just a natural thing. You sing your best, you do all you can do,” Tremonti, added. “At this point in my career, I don’t think I’m under fire as a singer as much as I would be as a guitar player. So all the stuff I get to do, it’s like a judgment-free zone when I get to sing.”

While Tremonti digs singing, being a frontman comes with more than just having great pipes. You also have to do some onstage banter, and that’s Tremonti’s least favorite part of the role.

“What I don’t like doing is being a frontman. I don’t like having to entertain in between songs,” he said. “That’s something that I’m sure I’ll get better at over the years but that’s something that is just not my type of personality. I like to be the guy on the side, playing my role — I like singing and playing, but as soon as I’ve got to do the talking in between, that’s the tough part. That’s something you can’t practice, you just got to do it on stage.”

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